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1. Stevie Louise Ritchie (free agent)
2. Nina Leigh (bbtv)
3. Sydney James (bbtv)
4. Georgie Darby (bs)
5. Caty Cole (elite)
6. Ashley Emma (former bbtv now elite)
7. Charlie O'neal (elite)
8. Lolly Badcock (bs)
9. Ree Petra (bs)
10. Emma Spellar (elite)

I think 6 of these could easily be a possibliity.
1. Morgan Preece (bbtv)
2. Donna Duke (bbtv)
3. Tiffany Chambers (bs)
4. Daryl Morgan (bs)
5. Jemma Jey (red light)
6. Caty Cole (elite)
7. Natasha Anastasia (bbtv)
8. Dionne Daniels (elite)
9. Danica (elite)
10. Fernanda Ferrari (elite)

I could probably find another 10 without too much trouble !!!
My list was of girls that wasn't on BBTV night time that is why it a wish list all the girls you chosen are on night time. Good list of girls though ;-b
Please excuse my confusion, here is the revised list replacing Morgan, Donna and Natasha!

1. Cara Steel (bbtv)
2. Gemma Hiles (elite)
7. Jada (bs)
1: Tiffany Taylor (bbtv)
2: Victoria Roberts (bbtv)
3: Holly James (bbtv)
4: Daryl Morgan (bs)
5: Danica (elite)
6: Emma Spellar (elite)
7: Vikki Thomas (elite)
8: Lindsey Atkinson (elite)
9: Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie (Red Light)
10: Bailey Cream (bbtv)
My wishlist is:

My wishlist is:

1: Tanya Luve (Storm)
2: Charley Green (BBTV)
3: Cherri Hart (Babestation)
4: Victoria Roberts (BBTV)
5: Melli Dee (Red Light)
6: Sammie Pennigton (BBTV)
7: Jade Victoria (BBTV)
8: Sydney James (BBTV)
9: Cara Steel (BBTV)
10: Daryl Morgan (Babestation)

The problem is talking those daytime girls into doing a night shift.
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easy peasy!
Very nice pity she did not smoke the full cig though.
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